Roya Al-Tafil Bin Sukhbara

The vision of al-Tafil bin Sukhbara, on the authority of Tufail bin Sukhbara, my brother Aisha, to her mother, that he saw in it that the sleeper saw it as if he had passed by the Jews, so he said : Who are you? They said : We, the Jews, said : You are the people, had it not been for you claiming that Uzayrah is the son of God. Then the Jews said : And you are the people, had it not been that you say God wills and Muhammad wills, then he passed by a Christian who said : Who are you? They said : We are Christians , said : It is you the people to not you say Christ , the Son of God said : And that , you are the people to do not you say God bless and bless Muhammad rarely became told them of the tell then came the Prophet peace be upon him and told him , he said : ( Are you told anyone about it ) ? He said : Yes, when they prayed their sermons, he praised God and praised him. Then he said : ( If a child saw a vision, then he told it to whomever told of you, and you used to say a word that prevented me from shyness from you that he forbade you from it. He said : Do not say what God wills and what Muhammad wills