Releasing him from prison because of a vision

He was released from prison because of a vision 113 – Musa bin Jaafar bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Ali bin Ali bin Abi Talib used to be a lot of worship and visage, and he summoned the Mahdi to Baghdad and imprisoned him, and when he was on some nights, he saw the Mahdi Ali bin Abi Talib saying to him : Muhammad : ( Were you unhappy that if you took over, you would corrupt the land and cut off your mercy )? Surah Muhammad, verse 22 woke up frightened and ordered him taken out of the prison at night Vocilh with him and hugged him and accept him and took the Covenant should not be out nor on one of his children, he said : God , what this Shany not occurred, myself said : ratified . And he ordered him three thousand dinars, and he ordered him to Madinah (1) 114 – on the authority of Ayoub who said : A man asked Muhammad who said : I saw as if I was eating bread while praying, so he said : Kebis is permissible for you and it is not permissible for you to eat during prayer, so he said to him : Do you accept your wife while you are Fasting? He said : Yes, he said : Do not .