The consequence of showing off and unveiling

Consequence Finery and adornments 89 – from Harith bin lion accounting and repaint and Khalaf bin Qasim, a group from Sa’eed ibn Muslim said : While a woman at Aisha , as she said : pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – , that is not God involved anything , nor steal nor Ozni , nor kill when not borne oath of Ovtre from the hands and legs and most intractable in known Povic my Lord and Wafa Li Ruba I swear not torments me God, Votaha in a dream the king said unto her : No, you Taatbergan, and thy ornaments loveable, and your good Tkndin, and your neighbor Tadan, and your husband disobey, then put his fingers The fifth was on her face and he said : Five for five, and if you increased your weight, then the fingers will be on her face .