Is it permissible today to prove a legitimate ruling through visions and dreams?

Is it permissible today to prove a legal ruling through visions and dreams, such as someone who sees the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, ordering him, or forbidding him with something? Our answer to this question is that the visions and dreams are not explained by the person himself, and their significance may not be on the surface . Then I say : Now it is not permissible to prove a legitimate ruling other than the Sharia and what is applied in it. Because sleep state is not a state of control and achieve what he hears the narrator – which is here this dreamer – has agreed scientists wound and the amendment, and the scientists of the novel that the terms of acceptance of the novel of the person : to be an officer, maintained, and the sleeper is not in this capacity . But if someone sees a vision, in which the command is to do one of the Sunnahs or forbidding something wrong, or forbidden, and the Messenger, peace and blessings of God be upon him, may have seen him commanding what I mentioned above, is it permissible to act according to it? The answer is yes it is permissible to work, and if you say : What is the reason? I say the reason : That this is not only a judgment of the vision ! Rather, with what is at the root of the law . Imam Shatby decided to Almighty God ‘s mercy : that the work requirement under the vision, not perforated legal provision, and be the consent of the apparent meaning of the law, and while what came from visions, and the violation of the law, or a rule of law, it is : either imagination or illusion, Or it is a dream from the Shaytaan, and this cannot be considered, because he opposes what is established and legitimate . Al-Baghawi said in Sharh al-Sunnah [12/211]: Not everything that a person sees in his sleep is correct and may be expressed. Rather, the correct one is what God Almighty brings to you by the king of the vision from a copy of the mother of the book, and everything else is a pipe dream that has no interpretation .