A vision of rotten blood

As for spoiled blood : it indicates sickness in all people, generally . If the blood is a little like a puff, it indicates the household and kinship, and the attainment of evil, then get rid of it . It was said that vomiting blood is a repentance from sin or forbidden money, and it leads to trust in his neck . As for urination : in interpretation, it is forbidden money, so whoever sees as if he has urinated in an unknown place will marry a woman in that place, and cast his sperm in her by intermarriage with the people of that place or his neighbor, and it is said that he is seen as if he urinates, then he spends an alimony that belongs to him, because God Almighty says : “ And what you spent of something He succeeds him, and he is the best of the future . If he saw as if he was in a well, then he is spending from earning permissible money . If he sees as if he has worn out on a commodity, then he is unclean on that commodity, and if he has worn out in a niche, then a scholar boy is born for him .