Is it permissible to see God in a dream?

Is it permissible to see God in a dream? The answer to this : that the people of expression have agreed that it is permissible to see God in a dream and health , other than seeing the Prophet peace be upon him . Ibn Albaqlani said : see God in a dream thoughts in the heart of a semantics behind me on things than or be like any other bitter Iaat , and God knows (1). Q : What is the etiquette of good vision? What is her example? A : The scholars mentioned etiquette that those who saw a righteous vision would do, which is : 1 To be thankful for it . 2 • Anne Astbhr out . 3 • Anne is spoken but anyone who loves without the hated . Peace be upon him , he said : If you saw a vision of love for he is from God , Fleihmd by God and it happens . . ~(2) . The sections of Revelation correct inspiration as already a Maagayh God in the heart of the servant , a word says to the Lord his servant in a dream, as he said bin silent worship and others, including : the confluence of the spirit of the sleeping lives of the dead from his family and his relatives and his companions , and I will talk it later in greater activation, God willing . including : the ascent of his soul to God and her to him . including : entering the spirit of Paradise and Mhahadtha and other (3). ___________________ (1) Ibn Hajar – op – (388 \ 12) (2) narrators Bukhari also in the Open – op – (369 \ 12) (3) son of values – spirit – op – p . 63 ** quoting Dr. Fahad Al – Osaimi