Grilled camel

The grilled camel : There was a disagreement about it, and some of them said that if it was fat then it is a lot of money, and if it was scanty then little money and livelihood in fatigue . Some of them said that the grilled camel is safe from fear, and some said that the grilled camel is a son . If he saw that he was eating from it, then he would have a son who would grow up and eat from his own earnings . And if he was mature, his son earned good manners, and if he was not mature, he was not a bag in his work .. And it was said : If the market barbecue is a good news . If he is not mature, then he is grief on the part of his son . And whoever sees as if the barbecue arm spoke to him, he will escape from the doom of the story of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the poisoned arm that spoke to him .