Dates : It was narrated that Umar saw it as if he had eaten dates, and he mentioned that to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and said : That is the sweetness of faith . And types of dates are many, and dates for those who see it, indicates rain . And for those who eat it, a pure general livelihood will be made to him, and it was said that it indicates reading the Qur’an, and it was said that dates indicate money saved . The vision of reckless eating is for the dhimmis . And it was said that whoever saw it as if he was eating good dates, he hears a good and useful word . And whoever sees it as if he is burying dates, he is storing money, or getting money from some of the safes . And whoever sees as if he cut a date and discerns its intentions from it, then he will have a son, because God Almighty says : “ Indeed, God creates love and the seeds . ” The vision of eating dates with tar is evidence of a woman’s secret divorce . As for seeing the scattering of dates, it is a travel art . And the agent of dates, Ghanima . And whoever sees as if he comes from a palm tree in its own days, he will marry a venerable, rich and blessed woman . And it was said that he hits money from a noble people without getting tired, or from his estates, and it was said that he hits a useful knowledge that he works with . If it is out of time, then he hears a flag and does not work with it . If he saw as if he had picked a palm tree with black grapes, then his wife gives birth to a son of a black owner . If he saw as if he had harvested from a dry and wet palm, then he learns from an immoral man a science that will benefit him . And if the dreamer was distressed, he would gain relief, for what the Almighty said in the story of Mary : “ And I will mock you with the trunk of a palm .” It was said dates scattered dirhams do not remain . And whoever sees that dates are harvested for him, then money is reaped for him from men with dangers . It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I found forty dates, and she said : You hit forty sticks . Then he saw him a while later and said : I saw as if I had found forty dates at the door of the Sultan . He said : It affects forty thousand dirhams . The man said : I crossed my visions this time unlike what I did the first time . He said : Because you told me your vision the first time, and the trees dried up, and you managed the year, and this time you came to me with life in the trees . The matter was both times what he crossed . And the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said : I saw as if a man came to me and fed me a morsel of dates, so I went foreign, and if a kernel came out, I spelled it out . Then I gave me a second morsel, and if a nucleus, I blew it . Then I gave me a third summit, and if a nucleus Vlvztha . Abu Bakr said : Let me, O Messenger of God, cross it . He said : cross it . He said : A company is sent, and they gain and greet and infect a man . Then a company was sent, and he said three times, and he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : Likewise the king said . Anas bin Malik saw in a dream as if Ibn Omar was eating a secret, so he wrote to him that I saw you eating in secret, and that is the sweetness of faith . And it was said that a naked man saw baskets of baskets falling from the stomachs of pigs, as he pushed them and carried them to his home . So he asked the one who expressed it, and he crossed it with spoils of the infidels’ money. Soon, the Romans came out and the victory was for the Muslims, and what he passed through came to him . Ibn Sirin was asked about a woman who saw as if she was sucking a date and giving it to her neighbor and sucking it, so he said : This woman shares a good favor with him, so she washes his garment . And Ibn Sirin came to a man and said : I saw as if I had a waterfall in my hand and had dates in it, and my head and face were immersed in it, and I ate it and said : How sour it is . Ibn Sirin said that you are a man who has indulged in earning money to the right and to the left, and you do not care about the security of forbidden. Security was from permissible, but I know that it is forbidden . It was so . If a woman sees that she is eating dates with tar, then she takes her husband’s inheritance and she is divorced from him .