Are there so-called long-term visions? Or with stages?

Are there so-called long-term visions? Or with stages? Long-term visions, or with stages. Through my meditation on the many texts that deal with visions in the Qur’an or the Sunnah, long-term visions, or with stages : Through my reflection on the many texts that deal with visions, in the Qur’an or Sunnah, they can be classified in terms of the speed of occurrence or It is delayed into two main parts : 1 / Visions that are rapidly occurring or verification, and we have talked about them repeatedly, and we mentioned that one of the greatest things that contribute to the speed of occurrence : the truthfulness of the tone and hadith of the visionary, or if he saw it before or shortly after dawn, and we mentioned evidence of this. The words, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, say : The most truthful visions were what was in the bewitches, and the hadith of [ I believe you is a vision that believes you are most authentic ]. 2 / Long-term visions, or what might be called : the same stages; It is the title of my article for this, and it is what I intended to talk about today; They are those visions that last for a long time as they are fulfilled and their expression is realized, and their owner lives them, and their events live long periods of his life, and are different from the vision that occurred suddenly, after despair and a long wait. That what I am talking about now is achieved partly and continuously throughout the life of its owner or in a long part of his life, as for what was achieved suddenly and its owner had heralded it, and it did not happen, and then it occurred suddenly, this type of which nothing ever falls before its complete or partial fall . I will give you an example; With the story of Yusef, peace be upon him, and his vision that came in the Qur’an, he saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars prostrating to him, and this vision was fulfilled for him over forty years of the different stages of his life, and he lived seasons that were achieved by children, youth and adults .