Al-Aseedah : He is distressed by the reason of his servants, and if he sees as if he is eating porridge, kebabs, or al-falaji while he is in prayer, then he kisses his wife while he is fasting . And Ibn Sirin came to a man and said : I saw it as if I was praying and eating kebab in the prayer, so he said : Mushroom is permissible and it is not permissible to eat it during prayer, and you kiss your wife while you are fasting, so do not . As for the khubis, it is miserable, and the wet part is different. Some of them thought of it with blood in it of yellowishness . And he mentioned that it indicates disease . Some of them said that it is a lot of money and a pure debt, and the morsel of it is a kiss from a boy or a lover, and some of them said that al-Khabees is good and pleasant words in the matter of the pension, and the same is the example of the fugue and the khubais indicating a lot of livelihood in strength and power when they touched the fire, so touching them indicates a prohibition or prohibition. Speech or Sultanate .