Eat fish

Fish : It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw a fish on my table that I and my servant ate from its back and stomach . He said : Search your servant, for it will befall your family . He searched his servant, and if he was a man . Grilled salty fish is a journey in pursuit of knowledge, or the company of a chief, because God Almighty says : ~We forgot their whale .~ And whoever catches a soft grilled fish, he will be hit by a spoil and goodness, for the story of Jesus’ table, peace be upon him, and the grilled fish will fulfill a need or answer a lawsuit or a wide livelihood, if the man is pious . Otherwise, a penalty will be imposed on him . If he sees that he mulched the young fish in flour and fried it with fat, then he is spending his money on something worthless until it becomes valuable and becomes delicious and honest . And it was said that the fish is praiseworthy, especially the grilled ones, except for the young fish, because their thorns are more than their flesh, and it indicates enmity between it and the people of his household, and it indicates the hope of something unattainable . And eating salty fish indicates good and benefit at that time . As for the taste of things : his interpretation differs according to different circumstances. If he sees as if he tasted something, then seek pleasure and indulgence, for he attains relief and grace, because God Almighty says : “And if we have tasted a person from us, rejoice in it .” If he sees as if he has tasted something and finds it bitter, then he is asking for something that will harm him . If he saw as if he swallowed hot, coarse food, this indicates that his livelihood is distressing .