What is the meaning of seeing the sea and drowning in it ??

What does it mean to see the sea and drown in it ?? For some people there is a terrifying symbol ; And that is : the sea ​​and drowning in it !!! So why does this symbol signify , and is it fired ???? In fact, I repeat here and confirm that there is no single sign of a symbol , and that the vision must be heard in full with all its symbols , but as long as we talk now about this symbol , I say : The significance of the sea or of drowning in it is not always bad , it may indicate for example : To the student , Ali Increase in depth knowledge and specialization in a discipline . And for the merchant , the sea may be the market in which he works . And for the sinner and the sinner , it may be a drowning of repentance and contemplation of the Almighty saying : “ Even when drowning overtook him , he said, I believed that there is no god but the one who believed in him ” ( Bani Yasir : 90). The significance of swimming, immersion and drowning in the sea is good when seeing the sea in summer, and as for seeing it in winter, it may be a bad sign, but I repeat that it is necessary to look at the rest of the symbols of the vision, and from what is said about some of the bad connotations of swimming, diving, or drowning in the sea : 1 / Committing sins and major sins, and contemplate what God Almighty said : [ From what their sins they drowned and brought in fire and did not find their supporters besides God. ] Noah : 25 2 / immersion in the world and its pleasures . But the crossing must beware of it if he sees a vision or a dream that may have a bad meaning from it , so that he may distract from the crossing with him , this bad meaning, God willing .