And Al-Sayrafi : a scientist who does not benefit from his knowledge except for the purpose of the world, and he is the one who made the artifacts of speech, controversy, quarrel, question and answer, for what is in the dinars and dirhams that he takes and gives from the inscribed speech, such as the judge, his balance, his judgment and his justice, and perhaps his balance, his tongue, his hands, his ears, his cymbals, and his weights His justice and rulings, dirhams and dinars are people’s discounts, and it was said that he is the jurist who takes a question and gives an answer with justice and the balance, and he is also the crossing because it is considered what is given to him, his weight and his phrase, so he takes a contract like dinars and gives a word spent like dirhams, or he takes a separate word like a dirham, and gives the phrase a group like a dinar, Whoever spent a dinar in his sleep from a banker and took a dirham from him, I looked into his situation, and if it was in his opponents, it decreased . And if he had a commodity that he sold and left his possession, otherwise an incident occurred in which he needs to ask a jurist, or he sees a vision in which he needs an express question, and what he hates and grieves will come to him in the consequences of what we have mentioned, for what he hates and grieves, for taking him the dirhams, because it is the abode of worries with sweet hearts and concern . It is derived from its name, except that he has a good habit of seeing dirhams that he has used in all his days and past his life . Likewise, if he receives gold and pays dirhams, because gold is disliked and a fine in the interpretation of his name, and his benefit does not fit it, and so is the custom of what he saw .