Types of visions

Types of visions : already defined vision and the fact that we noticed in our time increasing attention to the insights and her story on the two crossings and often find question about? Is it a dream or a vision , but you may find some of the public has broken this area , and has become has a wall expression of vision very palace climb upon between One time and another . This is just ignorance in Klein and urgency and boldness to the fatwa as the expression of visions of a fatwa to this verse on the tongue Aziz : And the king said , I see seven fat cows he would eat seven lean Snblatt and seven vegetables and other Iabsat O public Please advise me in my vision , if ye vision pass over ( Yusef 43) and his saying : ( Give me advice ) indicates that the expression of the vision is a fatwa that should not be said without knowledge . Indeed , the meditator in the visions and sayings of scholars find where they are divided into three types : 1. Vision abhorred 2. What is the modern self – 3- true dreams or good ** quoting Dr. Fahad Al – Osaimi .