The Road

The road indicates the law in a dream . The different methods are heresies, so whoever sees that he is walking in a way other than his path is in the delusion of his religion . If the Sultan crossed a bumpy road, that is his justice . The straight path is evidence of what follows from the Book of God and the Sunnah of his Prophet, and if he is a sinner he will repent, and if he is an infidel, he is guided . And different methods are indicative of vibration and confusion . The similar methods are what lead to misguidance, heresy, and disbelief . And the way is the way in doing . And the road in the sea is a salvation from distress, or the possessed woman, or the lawful gain, or the honesty that man will be saved by if he follows it . And the hidden path is vanity and heresy . As for the people of the mountain, it indicates deception and deceit in a dream . The indecency on the mountain indicates salvation from adversity or travel, for the Almighty says : ( And God has made the land for you a plain for you to walk through it in rough paths ).