A boy’s vision

Boy : In interpretation, then a weak enemy shows friendship and then shows enmity . If he sees a man as if he has become a boy, his wife is gone . However, his vision indicates relief for those in him . If he sees himself carrying a boy, he is running a property . And whoever sees that he learns literature in the Qur’an from books, he will repent from sins . And whoever sees as if a group of children were born to him, his visions indicate them, because children can only be brought up with suffering . It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if in my lap a boy was screaming . He said : Fear God and do not hit the stick . And it was said that whoever saw a little boy after he did not mix with his body, then it is something that he will receive or be offended . Little boys were said to show minor worries .