Struck the lute

Striking the stick : So speaking is a lie, and so is hearing it . And whoever saw that he was hitting the lute in his house was hit by a calamity, and it was said that the striking of the lute was his head, and before he was hit by a grief . If he saw as if he was hitting his tendon, he would leave his worries . It was said that his poverty indicates an honorable king who disturbed his possession and pride . Whenever he remembers his king, his intestines are turned over, and the obscure is a sermon, and the immoral person spoils him with something that falls on their intestine . It is an oppressive injustice, a wrongdoing on a people that cuts their intestines . And whoever sees that he hits the door of the imam from the cabarets something from the flute and dance such as the lute, the tanboor and the cymbal, he will attain the mandate and authority if he is qualified for that, otherwise he will initiate words .