Cooking: Whoever sees in a dream that he has cooked with fire, cooked and cooked, then he gets what he wants and falls in the tongues of people . Cooking is an excitement that will benefit him, and the cooking is ripe for sustenance . And the rest of the food is livelihood except mush and porridge . And if the cooking is with sheep meat, then it is a good life with honor and generosity, and if it is with meat of seven, then it is a guardianship over a people who are oppressors with fear and hatred, and if it is with the meat of a dog, then it is a despicable state, and if it is with fat, then it benefits from forbidden money, and if it is without fat, then it earns a mean by poverty and deprivation, and if If it is with fowl meat, a state, trade, or profit is permissible with a wealthy, honorable people, and if it is with bird lions meat, then it is trade or guardianship by a feral people with forbidden money .