Does the blind see and see his dreams?

Does the blind see and see his dreams? Speech on this issue varies; Whoever was born sighted, then lost his sight during one of his life stages, he will see in a dream clearly all that he had previously seen . As for the persons, or things, which he recognizes after losing his sight, he does not see them. Like someone who was born without seeing, but sometimes some people have a strong imagination, with which he can draw a picture of whoever speaks in front of him, or a picture of what surrounds him; And then he sees her in a dream in the same way that he drew in his imagination, and it is noticeable here that the degree of vision, strength and weakness varies according to the degree of his imagination in reality . As for the colors, he will see everything that he was able to keep in his memory, and if he is able to keep it and forgets it, he will not be able to see it, and it depends on the age of the person, the importance of those colors to him, the accuracy of his observations, the events related to those colors, the strength of his memory, and it falls It is all for those who had leftovers from birth and lost them later . As for a person born with complete eyesight, he is never able to see during a dream, and his vision depends on his feeling and the sounds around him . And there are some cases in which she hears voices in a dream that she does not know what they are, guiding her to what she would like to know and the truth of God who says in the writing of the Noble : ( And what is equal to the blind and the visionary (19)) ( Fatir : 19).