A peacock is in a dream a foreign woman, beautiful and rich, inauspicious . And the male of the peacock is a foreign king . And whoever sees that he has hit the peacock or his king, he will be able to get a foreign king . And whoever saw that he had access to a female peacock, he would receive money and a son . And the peacock denotes wandering and wondering of beauty and beauty, and perhaps his visions indicate gossip, vanity, lying, the demise of blessings, the exit from bliss to misery, and from amplitude to distress . And whoever sees that he eats peacock meat, his wife dies and inherits her money . And whoever saw that it was hit by a peacock’s feather, it would hit money from a woman or because of a woman . And whoever sees that he struck one of her chicks, he will hit money from that woman’s child .