A vision of hell

If he saw that he entered Hell : then came out of them in his day, the owners of this patent sin and sin, and therefore a harbinger to warn him repent due . If he sees her and no harm has befallen him from her, then that is from the gloom and misfortune of this world, which will befall him according to what he gets from her or sees him . If he sees that he is still in it, he does not know when he entered it, that is still constraining him, dispersed, his command is disappointed and humiliated until he gets out of it . If he saw that he was eating from her food or drink, or he got heat or harm from her tank . Because all of that acts of sin from him . Al-Qayrawani said : As for the one who enters Hell, if he is an infidel, sick, he will die, and if he is a devout believer, he will be sick and take refuge, because fever is from Hellfire, and poverty and imprisonment . And if he was a vulgar, he came big, or inside the infidels and al-Fajra in their turn, or he mixed them in their business and their markets . He said that entering Paradise for the pilgrim, he will complete his Hajj and reach the Kaaba, the House of God, which leads to Heaven . If he was an infidel or a sinner, he saw that in someone else, then he became Muslim from his infidelity and repented . If he was sick, the believer died from his illness, and the unbeliever woke up from his illness, because Paradise is the afterlife for the believers, and the world is the Paradise of the unbelievers . If he is celibate, he will marry a woman, because Paradise is the abode of marriage and marriage . And if he is poor, he becomes rich, and he may inherit an inheritance . And its entry indicates the pursuit of the congregation, or the abode of knowledge, male shaving, jihad and bonds, and every place that leads to it .