Parking at Arafah

Standing at Arafah : It may indicate fasting, because what is required of it is to stand watching when the sun sets and dawn breaks, and is paid from it if the sun sets . If dawn breaks on it and does not stand there, then he misses the Hajj, like the fasting person, with his fasting, he sees the coma of the sun . If he is absent, it is permissible for him to eat and drink . And eating is the cause of life and movement that is paid by the one standing in Arafah . Perhaps standing in Arafah indicated the meeting with the beloved of the sepulchers, and the thousand foreigners . Because Adam, peace be upon him , met Eve after separation with Arafah, and that is why it was called Arafah, because they got to know each other . Whoever stands with it during the coming of the night until dawn comes from those seeking needs with the kings and others, he will realize what is required . I got it . And whoever comes to it during the coming of the day, he will not receive what he hopes and forbidden what he is asking for, especially since the word Euphrates is in the name Arafat . And Arafa may indicate the market season and the time of sale . If he stood by it at nightfall he would profit and benefit in buying and selling it . And if he stood by the daytime turnout, he lost in that . The day of Arafah may indicate Friday, because they agree on the merit, the meeting of creation and the obligation of imposition . It may indicate a war break day . May indicate the position of the crowd in the upside down and God knows best