Sleep disorders treatment

Treatment of sleep disorders : General procedures : . Get rid of bad habits that affect sleep , such as : eating too much for dinner . . . Or drink lots of fluids before bed , or drink stimulants such as tea, coffee, Coca-Cola, chocolate and smoking . . Not taking the unresolved problems and concerns of the day before to the bedroom . . That the individual be characterized by asserting himself and expressing himself , and frankness with others so that he does not carry himself beyond its capacity or feel remorse, which exposes him to nightmares and terrifying dreams because of thinking about these matters and mistakes that occurred during the day . . Choosing the appropriate position for sleeping on the side , and following the guidance of the Prophet in that is a very beneficial matter . And start to sleep on the right side and read some sayings before bed . . Taking care of the bedroom and taking into account that it is away from noise and high light and making it a place to sleep only ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi