The pants

Trousers : A religious woman or a foreign maid, and if he saw it as if he had bought trousers without his owner, he would marry a woman without a guardian . And the new trousers are a virgin woman, and the beggary is a proof of infallibility for sins . And it was said that the narwhals are evidence of goodness regarding his wife and his family . And wearing pants without a shirt is poverty, and he wears it upside down, committing an immoral act on the part of his family . And his urine is evidence of his wife’s pregnancy . And his defecation is evidence of his anger at his wife’s pregnancy . And the dissolution of his pants, the appearance of his wife to the men, and left her hiding and concealing from them . It was said that the trousers indicate a journey to the Ajam people, because it is their clothing . It was said pants Salah is the business of his family and extends their pleasure .