Seeing the two Alites and the male

What is the seat of a person and his machine, so he earned money and worked a benefit, and whoever saw that something disgraceful or adorned, then he crossed it. As for the male, he is a child, money, remembrance and reputation. And whoever sees that he has two or more males, he is more than that. If a child sees him weak and I say his strength, then it is not with Mahmoud, and whoever sees that he has grown up and huge, then he is an increase in his power, money and his son, and whoever sees that a person dreams about his remembrance or bows him, he obtains from him a benefit and whoever sees that someone strikes his remembrance there is no good in him for the striker and whoever sees that his mention is tied, he conceals testimony and He saw that something came out of his mention, then he is a boy, and if he was loved, the boy was good or hated, then he would have it, and whoever saw in his remembrance surgery, then it is a word that is said about him and whoever saw that he was circumcised is good in his religion and whoever saw that his remembrance spread and became erect, then the need that he sought is fulfilled and said some of them the movement of the male And his erection indicates an increase in money, a large number of children, and whoever thinks that he is a tumor, so the equivalent of that is if there is no pain in it