Lahl : His vision indicates the acquisition of leadership, and the injury of benefit . The bees indicate the people of the desert and the people of hard work and pursuit of earning, possession, collection and composition . And what was evidenced by the scholars, jurists and classification owners, because honey is a cure, and bees have inspired it and inspired its manufacture and understood it in its knowledge . Perhaps it indicated the soldiers and soldiers, because it has a prince and leader, and it is a dragonfly, and there are animals and mules in it, and it was said that a bee is a man who is a fertile fruit of great danger, so whoever strikes a group of bees, or takes them or struck from their stomachs, they will catch spoils and money without supplies or fatigue . And if a king sees that he is taking the place of bees, then he is allocating a town for himself that is full of dead, and the income is permissible . If he enters its core, then he benefits the king of the kora and gains it. If he extracted honey from it and left nothing for the bees, then he deceives them and takes their money . If he gets together with him and his sting, then they cooperate and harm is inflicted on him, and if he kills her, then he excludes them from that region .