Seeing God Almighty

Seeing God Almighty Know that the vision of God Almighty is not usually only for the purists and saints because of their dignity over him, and it may fall to others, but rarely, but it may fall to the unbeliever, and this indicates that he is blessed, and whoever sees God Almighty as His Majesty should be without likening it or how he looks at him in the Hereafter. The Almighty spoke to him and promised him well, for he forgives him and brings him closer to his mercy and provides him permissible and whoever sees that the Almighty has spoken to him from behind a veil, it indicates the increase of his wealth, grace, the strength of his religion and his faithfulness. In a land or in a country, justice includes that place and indicates the fertility of its people. If they are wrongdoers, resentment befalls them, and whoever sees that the Almighty gives him something of the goods of this world, then he will not let him down, but whoever sees that the Almighty is disgruntled with him indicates his disobedience to his parents or one of them. He bought it from himself, then he kills a martyr, and whoever sees that the Almighty is in a manner other than the attributes of perfection that he has described, then he commits an invalid order of heresy or anything else, and whoever sees that there is a veil between him and the Almighty, he fears from doing major sins