Locusts : military, commoners, and mobs, rippling each other . And it may indicate rain, if it falls on the roofs, or in the shops, and if it is very numerous and is unlike locusts, and it is between people and between the earth and the sky, then it is torment . Likewise, lice, frogs, and blood, because they are signs that the children of Israel tormented, unless people collect them or eat them, and they have neither wealth nor harm, for they are sustenance given to them, and a livelihood is abundant in them, and it may be from the aspect of the air, such as sparrow, cotton, manna, truffle, mushrooms, and the like. Its meeting in a container indicates the dirhams and dinars. It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I took locusts and put them in a jar . He said : AED Vtsugaha to hit by a woman . And it was said that every place where locusts appear and do not harm, indicates joy and pleasure, to the story of Job, peace be upon him . If he saw that he rained gold locusts on him, he would be blessed and pleased . The locusts were said to be a baker who deceived people with food . And Al-Baragheth : The Soldiers of God Almighty, and with it your family Nimrod, and Al-Barghout is a vile, humiliating and stabbed man . And whoever saw a flea that pinched it got money .