the crow

For the Hooded Crow : An arrogant and arrogant man in his gait, and he is a metamorphosis, or he is a liar, lascivious man . And it was said that whoever catches a raven, obtains forbidden money in debauchery with arrogance, and whoever catches a raven or gains it, it is false deception . If he sees that he has a raven with a hunting, then he is hunting, spoils of vain . And who spoke to a crow, he was distressed by that and then departed from him . And whoever eats crow meat, he struck money from thieves . If he saw a raven at the king’s door, he would reap a crime that he regretted or killed his brother, then he repented, for God Almighty said : “ God sent a raven to search the earth. ” And whoever was scratched by the ravens with their claws, he perished with a severe cold, or a fierce neighbor suffered against him, and he suffered pain and pain . And it was said that the raven is a guide to long life . Prince Nasr bin Ahmed saw him as if he was sitting on his bed, and a crow came and clicked his hood with his beak, and it fell from his head, so he got off his bed and raised his hoods and put it on his head, so he recounted his vision on the life of Nisaburi and said : A man from your household will come out to compete with you in your possession, then the matter returns to you. . So it was suggested to him that Abu Ishaq al-Samani left and confused the matter, then he returned to him . Some of them saw as if a crow was on the Kaaba, so he recounted his vision to Ibn Sirin and said : An immoral man will marry an honorable woman, and the pilgrims will marry the daughter of Abdullah bin Jaafar bin Abi Talib . Seeing a crow in an unprepared place, and if he saw a raven in his house, it indicates a man who betrayed him in his wife, and also indicates the attack of a person from the Sultan in his house .