Al-Asfour : A huge man with great danger and money, idle and people who do not know his rights, harmful to the general public, a crook in his affairs, full in his leadership, a man who was a good man, and he was said to be a beautiful compassionate woman, and a man was said to have fun and people laughed at him, and it was said that he was a male boy . And from the king of many birds, he finances the guardianship of a people who have dangers, and it was said that the bird is good words, and the grouse is a little boy . And it was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I had a poodle with me while I was hunting birds and tapping their wings and throwing them into it . He said : You’re a book teacher play boys . It was also narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : She saw as if I had baptized a bird, and I wanted to slaughter it, so she spoke to me and said : Do not slaughter me . He said to him : Ask forgiveness of God, for you have taken alms and it is not permissible for you to take it . He said : God forbid that I take charity from someone . He said : If you wish, I told you how many . He said how much? He said : Six dirhams . He said to him : You are right, and from where did you know? He said : Because the members of the bird are six, each member is a dirham . And it was narrated that a man came to Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, may God be pleased with him, and said : I saw as if there were many birds and birds in my sleeve, so I made one take out one after one, and choke it and throw it . He said : You are a man of reason, so fear God and repent to Him .