Small fish : the sorrows of the one who struck him as boys, and whoever struck a soft fish or two, struck a woman or two, and if he struck a pearl in the belly of the fish, he would hit a boy . And if he struck her belly with fat, he struck from it with money and goodness, and if he struck salty fish, they struck him from the point of its salinity, and his young also are of no good . Perhaps a person’s character, if he saw salty fish in his sleep, would hit money and goodness, and if a fish came out from his mouth, it is a word he speaks from the shops in a woman, and whoever sees a fish that came out of his memory, gave birth to him a girl, and the fresh, live fish, firstborn, and fishing On land, committing an indecency, and it was said that it was good news . And fishing from water distress is severe, and from pure water a livelihood, or a son is born for him . Whoever eats live fish gets a king . And soft grilled fish is a booty and good, for the story of Jesus’ table, peace be upon him . And it was said that it is the fulfillment of a need or the answer to a prayer or a wide livelihood, and if the man is pious, otherwise it is a punishment, and the grilled salty is traveling in the pursuit of knowledge or wisdom, because God Almighty says : “We forgot their whale. ” And whoever saw that he mulched small fish in flour and fried them with fat, then it is suitable What does not benefit him and spend on it from honest money, and he gets tired of it until it becomes delicious and honorable money . It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw on my table a fish that I and my servant ate from its back and stomach, she said, search your servant, because it affects your family . So he searched him, and found Hurgel .