Seeing a conversion from Islam and worshiping God Almighty and worshiping fire and the like

Whoever sees that he has converted from Islam to one of the false religions, then he commits sins, and it was said humiliation and contempt, and whoever sees that he worships the fire, then he is tempted with the Sultan, and if the fire is dormant then he seeks forbidden money and whoever sees that he worships an idol of wood, then he approaches a false man to a wicked man. Silver, it comes to a woman in something that is not appropriate, and if it is of gold, then he approaches something that he hates, and it will harm him from that, and if it is of copper, iron, lead, or something like that, then he approaches the request of the world, and if it is of stone, then he approaches a hard-hearted man. From pottery and the like, it draws near to one who has no benefit. And in the sentence, seeing idols is not commendable