Peacock : The male is a non-Arab king, a Haseeb, and the female is a non-Arab woman, who is beautiful and has money and beauty . And the collector between the peacock and the dove, a man of pimp over women and men . And the peacock was said to refer to the morning people laughing . And it was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if my wife had given me a peacock, and she said to him : If you believe your vision, you will buy a slave girl, and he will return to you the price of that slave girl seventy-six dirhams in debt, and that will be with the consent of your wife . The man said : May God have mercy on you. Yesterday was the same as what you crossed, and they repaid the debts as much as you said, the same. It was said to Ibn Sirin : Where did you know that? He said : The current Tawoos, and the Tawoos from debts with the words of the Nabataeans, and the number of dirhams from the letters of the Tawas were taken from the account of the sentences : the Taa is nine, the thousand one, the Waw six, and the Seen sixty .