Interpretation of the bird

The unknown bird is an indication of the angel of death, if it picks up a pebble, a leaf, a worm, or the like and flies with it to the sky from a house where a sick person and the like died . He may refer to the traveler who saw him fall on him, and he may refer to the work of the one who saw him on his head, on his shoulder, on his lap or on his neck, for the Almighty says : “ And every person has bound his bird in his neck, ” meaning his work, and if it is white then it is pure, and if it is colored darkness then it is work various non – net, only to have a pregnant woman, the bird was a male boy it, though female is a girl, the story has lived and stayed with him, and he flew was little to stay . As for the chick that does not feed itself, it spawns on the one who carries it, finds it, or takes it, unless it has a lamb, so it is a child, and so is every little animal of the animal . As for the largest bird and its sevenths . It is a sign of kings, presidents, people of wealth, scholars, people of wealth and wealth, and as for carrion eaters such as the crow, eagle, honeydew and marmot, then they are immoral, thieves or evil owners, and as for the water birds, they are supervised, they have attained the leadership in two ways, and they acted between two powers : the authority of water and the power of the air, and perhaps it indicated men Travel on land and sea . And if they sounded they were moaning and weeping, and as for what the birds sing or mourned, they were singing and noah, male or female . As for the smallest birds, such as sparrows, grouse, and nightingales, they are young boys : and the group of birds is the one who owns it or has money, dinars, and authority on it, especially if he cares for it, feeds it, or assigns it .