Seeing the darkness and their aides

Whoever sees that a well-known wrongdoer does something that is not good, then it indicates his persistence in his wrongdoing, and if he does what the people approve of, then he returns from that and said some of them are against that and said some of them are against that and whoever sees an unjust person has improved his conduct, then he is isolated from what he is in, and if he saw his wrongdoing increased and transgressed until he reached the increase of the amount, then it ends His order is in honor of passing away, and if he sees that he is unjust, then he is interpreted on three aspects of injustice of the soul, the injustice of others, and the lack of interest in the interests and whoever sees that he wronged a particular person, then he has achieved victory for the oppressed, and likewise if he sees that someone wronged him, and if he sees that the king is darkness, then he needs him in what befits him and from He saw that there was injustice from him against one of the notables, because he would suffer harm and calamity from him, and some of them said that whoever saw that he wronged someone other than him, then he would be wronged, and if he saw that he was wronged by someone who disobeyed that, and some of them said that I hate in a dream seeing the oppressor famous for oppression even if the dream is interpreted Whatever way it is, and whoever sees one of the agents and knows him about something he hates or summoned by the ruler there is no good in it, and if he is ill indicates that his deadline has expired, and if he disputes one of them and disputes him, he is very careful and if he sees that he has made his tongue on one of them or disputes him with immorality, he will oppress him in his order And whoever sees one of them as lean, then it is deceit and deceit, let him be upon me Being alert to him and whoever sees that he has become one of the agents or someone from his home, then benefit and whoever sees an attacker famous for harm, on two sides it is said that a fine or revenge against an enemy will happen, and seeing the jailer indicates concern and distress, and seeing the executioner indicates that what is wanted quickly and whoever sees one of the strikers with a whip, then someone promises him And he is lying, and whoever sees a guard, he will find what he is asking for