Seeing snakes and scorpions

As for seeing snakes and scorpions, whoever sees that he is fighting a snake, then he treats an enemy, and the victor over them is the victor over his owner, and the life of righteousness is stronger than the life of water, and its blackness is stronger than its eggs. And whoever sees that a snake bites it, his enemy gets him with hatred as much as a sting, and whoever sees that he killed a snake, he will gain an enemy. He is dead, because God suffices his command, and whoever sees that he is the king of a serpent he does not fear, then he strikes power as much as that serpent in serpents, and if the serpent is of gold or has images on it, then he has great authority, and if it is small white and he owns it, then he is his grandfather who seeks him, and if he does not own it then he is a weak enemy And the small snake is an enemy of the family and others, and whoever sees in his hands a snake seeking and catches it in his hand, he is safe from what he fears and whoever sees that he fears a snake and does not see it, then this is safe for him from his enemy. If he inspects it, then he will be affected by fear of his enemy and without harm from him. He sees something that wonders about him and gets a lot of good, and whoever sees life in the hollows of houses, they are enemies of women and relatives, and if he sees snakes outside the houses, they are enemies from the far-flung, and whoever sees a snake in his house or on his bed, then his wife is an enemy to him, and whoever sees that a snake comes out of his nose or his back or His urethra, it gives birth to a boy and I If it comes out from his ear, belly, or anus, then there is an enemy in his family that comes out of him.