Walking Whoever sees in a dream that he is walking flat, then he seeks the laws of Islam and provides good living, and if he walks in the markets, he has a will in his hand . And if he walks barefoot, then he will be depressed and have good faith . And the intention in walking is humility to God Almighty . And walking indicates a request for livelihood, for the Almighty says : ( So walk in its tracks and eat of His provision .) Walk a jog and victory over the enemy . Walking backwards indicates a reversal of a matter that has been initiated, or of corruption in the religion of the seeker and a change in his condition, and whoever sees that he is strutting in his gait indicates the ugliness of his condition and the corruption of his condition . And if he saw that he walked and bore on his face, he would lose the world and the hereafter, because God Almighty said : ( Turns on his face, he will lose the world and the hereafter ). If he finds a man, he indicates the insult of the finder by the arrival of the hated one . And walking if it is seeking indicates a good deed . And walking indicates dangerous travel . And whoever walks with his head bowed, his life will be extended, and this may be after an illness he survived . Whoever sees that he is walking on one leg indicates that half of his money and half his life has gone . Human walking is like walking an animal is evidence of creating the morals of the ignorant, unless the animal is eaten, then it walks with people with good, otherwise it walks in people with hypocrisy and striving in what it does not realize .