the death

In a dream, it is indicative of returning deposits, or salvation of the patient from his illness, or the prisoner from his prison, and perhaps this indicates meeting with the absent . And death in a dream is a deficiency in religion, corruption in it, and a height in the world if it is accompanied by crying and screaming as long as it is not buried in the dirt, and if it is buried it does not hope Salah . And whoever saw that he died and there was no dead body, this indicates the demolition of a house from his home, and it was said : Rather, that is blind in his vision and long in his life . And it was said : Death is a journey or poverty . It was said : Death is absolutely marriage, because the dead person needs perfume and washing like a married one . And whoever sees that he died and is pregnant and not buried, he will defeat his enemies . And whoever sees that he lived after his death, he will be made rich after his poverty or repent of his sin . And whoever is dead told him that he has not died, he is in the shrine of martyrs . And whoever sees the dead person is sick, he is responsible for his religion . If the people of the graves go out and eat all the people’s food, then the price of the food goes up . What the dead person tells about himself or someone else in a dream is true and truthful . And whoever sees a dead person in good shape while laughing, this is so . And whoever sees that he prays for the dead, he preaches to a heartless man . And whoever sees that he is walking on the track of a dead, he should follow his path . And whoever saw that the imam died, the country would be ruined, and vice versa . Death is remorse from a great sin . And whoever sees that he died while naked, then he will be poor, and if he is on a rug, the world will be simplified for him . And whoever sees that his son has died, he will be saved from his enemy . And whoever saw that he had died and was buried, then a slave indicated that he had been freed, and if he was not married, he indicated that he had married, and if the patient saw that he had married, he would die . And death is a good guide for those who are afraid or sad, and the death of brothers indicates the death of the enemies . And whoever sees that he is among a people of the dead, then he is among a people of hypocrisy . And whoever sees that he accompanies a dead person, he will travel far away . And whoever sees that he is in the bath, his command will be exalted, and he will be saved from sins, worries and debts . And whoever sees a dead person that he is alive, he will live for him a dead matter . If he sees the dead person busy or tired, then that distracts him with what he is in, and if he is sick, he is responsible for his debt . And if he saw that his face was blackened, then he died on disbelief . And whoever sees that he has resurrected the dead, a Jew or Christian, or a heresy, greets them on his hands . If he sees that he brings the dead to life, then he is guiding a lost people . And whoever is seen alive gives the dead something that may be eaten or drunk, so it is harm that befalls him in his money . If he sees the dead person and gives him food, he will gain an honorable livelihood . If he sees that the dead person has taken his hand, then money will fall into his possession from a hopeless side . Talking with the dead is a long life, and taking from the dead is provision . And whoever sees that he speaks to the dead, then there will be denial between him and the people . And whoever sees that he accepts a well-known dead, he benefits from the deceased with knowledge or money he left behind . And it was said : Whoever sees that he receives a dead person and the person of the vision is sick, then it indicates his death . And whoever sees that he marries a dead woman and sees that she is alive, then the living will die . And whoever sees that the dead person gives him his worn or dirty shirt, then he will be poor . And whoever sees that the dead is struck alive, the living has brought corruption into his religion . And whoever sees a dead person beating him, he will get better from traveling . And whoever sees a dead person asleep, his sleep will rest in the Hereafter . And if he sees a living person sleeping with a dead person, his life will be long . And whoever sees that he is alive among the dead, he travels far away and corrupts his religion, and if he sees that he is with the dead while he is alive, then he mixes with people in their religion, corruption . And whoever sees the deceased among the infidels wearing old clothes, then he will be in poor condition in the Hereafter . And whoever sees a dead person and tells him that he never dies, then he is in the shrine of martyrs and he is blessed in the Hereafter . And whoever sees that his mother dies, then his world goes away and spoils his condition . And whoever sees that his brother has died and is ill, then he is his death . And whoever sees that his wife dies, his industry in which his livelihood becomes depleted . And whoever sees that he prays for the dead, he will intercede for a corrupt man . And whoever sees that a dead person drowns in a sea, then he is drowning in sins . And whoever saw that the dead came out of their graves, those in prison would be released . Perhaps death suddenly indicated the speed of wealth for the poor . The death of the prophets, peace be upon them, in a dream is a weakness in religion, and their lives are the opposite . Perhaps the death of the scientist indicated the emergence of a heresy in religion, the death of parents in short supply, the death of the wife is a world leaving, and the death of the child a male interruption . And the dead’s prayers for the dead are invalid acts . Seeing the dead polytheists in a dream are enemies .