The bugger : a king lethargic, with a strong thorn, modest and wrongful, destined for his proximity to the earth in his flight, and his lack of error in his master with what happens in it, so whoever owns a horse and traps for it, he will hit a property and money, then he saw that he struck a wild beast that does not catch him or He obeyed him, and saw as if he was holding him in his hand, as he struck a young boy who does not reach the level of men until he is king . If he sees that the kitten is gone from him in that case, then the boy is born dead or it is only a little while until he dies . And his chicks are his children . And the one is a woman who betrays and does not conceal . Kites were said to denote thieves and bandits, hookers, and deceivers who hide good from their friends .