What are the most important directives for those who wanted to be expressive?

What are the most important directives for those who wanted to be expressive? I see the desire to join the ranks of the commentators from many members and members, and this pleased me, and as you notice, we opened the way for the members to respond to your visions, and those who want to join them should write to me on the private mail, so that we consider his request, whether it is accepted or rejected . And I advise those who want to learn with knowledge first and express a vision; A science that depends a lot on your impression of the person of the vision through your devouring of his words, and knowing through it the essence of his personality, in order to reach the true meaning of his vision, God willing . Therefore, I hope that you will examine his words, get to know him through the symbols of his vision, and do not hurry, and ask yourself how Ibn Sirin, may God have mercy on him, distinguished between two men who saw one vision, so he said about one of them a thief, and said about the other that he will perform Hajj? The answer is that he saw them, and the characteristic of one of them was good, so he explained to him that he was performing Hajj, and the other’s characteristic was other than that, so he accused him of theft . And you, my brother, the crossing, do not see this one who writes the vision for you in this forum, so be careful of urgency, and do not pass the vision unless it is clear to you the details of its owners, which I did not ask arbitrarily, but rather after long experience and suffering, with the visions and their owners . Contemplate the words, there is a difference between the words of the world and others, and there is a difference between the words of the student and the employee, the prince, the rich and the poor, and each one of them has a meaning that suits him when you make the expression, so can you notice this and contemplate it, O God, take care of you ! I used to see and still do not express the written visions, except that the demand for the expression of this type is high, and the difficulty of hearing sometimes, but it is impossible for many of the questioners. He made me withdraw from this restriction, and express the written visions, although I say and I still say that the accuracy in them is much less than the visions that express hearing and this is a higher degree, or face to face, and this is the highest of degrees . And to know that the time at which you saw the vision is very important; What are the visions of winter, different from the visions of summer ,,,, because the fire in the first is commendable, and in the second it is reprehensible, so do not give up on knowing the time of the vision . And the last of these directions, for the narrator, his vision, is to know that the vision is a mass, and it often has one meaning, so do not divide it, and remember a part and leave parts that you may think have no significance, while it is very important to those who express it. The visions that indicate the present are often their expression for him. It is related to the visionary present, so if you are confused about it, and the meanings of its symbols are numerous, and this happens a lot, then you do not have to ask its owner about the subject that occupies him at the time, as it may open the horizons for you to decipher the vision, and the questioner has to be true with the crossing, and how many people have told me about his circumstances in which he lives. In the expression of his vision, he was saved from a financial, family, or process crisis, and this happens a lot, and this thing is not insulted at the crossing, but rather indicates his honesty and his eagerness to serve the questioner, and my brother is noticed that the expressers today are less than those who express inspiration. He is the one who fulfills the truth on his tongue, and its owner is called the inspiration, who were successful in delving into the meaning that occupies the mind of the questioner at the time, and they did not need to ask the questioner, but where are we and these, and God has mercy on a person who knew his own destiny ,,,,,, God knows best