The world

The world is a woman in a dream, just as the woman in a dream is a world . Whoever sees as if he has left the world, he will divorce his wife . And whoever sees that the whole world has perished and no one remains in the world except him, he will be blind . And whoever sees the world has become settled for him, and whatever he requests, he will be poor and perish . Seeing the world in a dream indicates amusement, play, vanity and intrigue, breaching the covenant and fatigue, misery and breaking a promise, and perhaps the world indicates the wife, money and the son, and the plowing, the cattle and the benefit from them . The world indicates the ruin of the house and the worldly woman . And it indicates diseases, distress, humiliation, isolation, succession, maturity, victory, and two-faced . It may refer to the world over the Qur’an because the Qur’an is the beginning of the world .