Punishment : a strong man with war, neither far nor near, and his chick is a brave boy who accompanies the Sultan . And whoever sees the punishment on the roof of a house or in its seat, the vision indicates the angel of death, and if he sees a punishment that falls on his head, then he dies, because if the punishment takes an animal with its claw he kills it, and if he sees that it has hit a punishment then he obeys it, then he mixes with a king . And whoever saw punishment hit him with his claw, he was hit with severity in himself and his money . And whoever sees a punishment approaching him, giving him something, or speaking to him with words that he understands, this is a benefit and good . The birth of a woman as a punishment, the birth of a great son, and if she was poor, the child was a soldier . And it was said that riding punishment for the elders and presidents is evidence of perdition, and for the poor is evidence of goodness .