The eagle

To Eagle : The strongest bird, the loftiest in flight, and one of them with sight and longevity, so whoever saw the eagle as a sinner against him, the Sultan was angry with him, and appointed him an oppressive man, because Solomon peace be upon him and all the eagle in the bird, so she was afraid of him . If he owns an obedient eagle, he will have a great power with which he will rule the world or some of it, and he will be able to possess or harm a great authority . If he is not obedient and does not fear him, then he exalts his command and becomes a mighty, stubborn and overwhelmed religion, according to the story of Nimrod. If he flies into the sky and enters flat, he dies, and if he is encouraged after entering the sky, then he will be on the verge of death and then be saved, and whoever is hit by his feathers or bones It hit a great deal of money from a great king . If he fell from his back, he was struck by horror and grief, and possibly perished . If he was given an eagle chick, he would have a boy mentioned . If he saw that during the day, then it is a disease that is on the verge of death, because the eagle scratched him and his illness prolonged . It turned Nsre long life .