Bazzi = goshawk

Al-Bazi : a king, and a king slaughtered him . And eat his flesh obtained from Sultan . And it was said : Al- Bazi Ibn Kabir would provide for the one who took it . And it was said that Al-Bazi was a thief who cut openly, and seeing the man of Bazi in his house Zafar Balas, and it was said that if a man saw a piece of clothing on his hands obediently and was fit for the king, he obtained power in oppression, and if the man was a vulgar, he gained pleasure and memory, and if the king saw that he was caring for the uniforms, then he would obtain an army of Arabs Or help and courage . If he sees fine on his hand, and it is gold and there is a thread or feathers left on his hand, then the king is removed from it and money remains in his hand as much of the thread and feathers remain in his hand . He told that a man had stolen a Qur’an for him and he knew the thief, so he saw as if he had hunted a buzzard and carried it on his hand. When he took the thief, the Qur’an returned from him . A man came to the crossing and said : I saw as if I took a white peas, and the buzzy became a beetle, so he said : Do you have a wife? He said yes. He said : You have a son from her . The man said : I crossed the buzzi and left the beetle, the crossing said : The transformation is pipe .