Is it preferable to express visions or let them come true with time?

Is it preferable to express visions or let them come true with time? First, it must be known here that it is not true that all visions are fulfilled, even if the visionary is a believer, the believer’s vision may not be directly fulfilled, it may be delayed, and it may not be fulfilled at all. Likewise, the believer’s vision may lie. Because of the hadith of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said : [ When time approaches, the Muslim’s vision will hardly lie, and the Muslim’s vision is more truthful to you, and the Muslim’s vision is part of the forty-five parts of the prophethood ] Agreed upon and the wording for a Muslim . And whoever sees what pleases him, it is better for him to present it to the one who crosses it for him . As for the one who sees something that frightens him or grieves him, he should not tell it to anyone, and he must do the precautions mentioned . Some people may say why we do not allow visions or dreams to be taken care of by time or time, which is a point of view that is respected, and I always say : My opinion is wrong that may be right, and the opinion of others is correct and may be wrong, but these people should not blame those looking for the expression of their visions or even their dreams. It may be a good news, or a warning to its owner, and Imam Ahmad, may God have mercy on him, said : The vision pleases the believer and does not deceive him . And the visionary may benefit from what he sees in his sleep. Imam Al-Dhahabi said in Al- Sirah [1/81] in the vision of Abd al-Rahman bin Auf, may God be pleased with him, that he will enter Paradise they loved, even though he is one of the people of Paradise, and one of the ten missionaries, he said : Its chain of transmission is good . He and others are a dream, and the dream has an interpretation, and Ibn Auf, may God be pleased with him, benefited from what he saw and what he reached, until he gave charity with great money that was released for him – and praise be to God – his feet, and he became one of the heirs of Paradise and there is no harm . God knows ,,