Water bird

Water bird : the best bird in hermeneutics, because they are more fertile and less productive . And whoever catches it gets money and spoils, because God Almighty says : “The meat of a bird is something that it desires. ” And the bird is a man of men, as that bird is in birds in its power, weapon, food, strength, feathers, flight and height in the air. And he has a wealthy woman, because ducks are his shelter and water, and it is said that ducks are men of danger, piety, discipline and chastity . And from his word the duck, he was given honor and elevation by a woman . It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I took a lot of water birds, so I made the first slaughter, then the first, and he said : If you do not see water, it is feathers that hit it . And whoever sees the bird knocking over its head, he attains the state and rulership, for God Almighty says : “And the bird is crammed, and every one has a branch. ” If he sees birds flying in his place, then they envy the angels . And he narrated that some of the invaders saw as if the barber shaved his head and went out of the bird green shaved in the sky, as if he returned in his mother ‘s womb , consequently , ~ which we created and in which Naidkm including Nkrjkm other times ~ Vqsa on his companions, and then through to himself , he said : With regard to shaving my head struck my neck, As for the bird, my soul, and its ascent, to Heaven, and as for my return, my mother’s belly to the earth, he was killed on the second day of his vision . And a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if a bird came from the sky and fell between my hands and said : It is a good news that you will be happy with .