The king

Of the angels, peace be upon them . Whoever sees in a dream that he talks to a king or gives him something, then this is a testimony that he will provide, God Almighty willing . And whoever saw that the angels descended in a place, if his people were in war, they would win, and if they were in anguish, then they would be relieved . Perhaps the descent of angels indicated an epidemic or plague, or on princes, pimps, or workers . And whoever sees that he flies with the angels, he will receive martyrdom, and he will win the pleasure and honor of God Almighty . And whoever sees the angels in a place, while he is afraid of them, there will be war, strife, strife and enmity . And if he sees that the angels prostrate to him or kneel down, his needs are fulfilled, and the provision of righteousness and good remembrance . And if he sees them in the image of women, he is lying to God Almighty . And if he sees that the angels preach to a boy, a good, pious, scholar will be born for him . If he sees a group of angels in a town, then a scholar or ascetic will die there, and an oppressed man will be killed . And whoever sees that he has become king, he will receive honor and pride . And whoever sees that he is fighting a king, he will be removed from his place, pride and rank, and he will be distressed . And if he saw the angels enter his house, a thief entered him . If he sees that an angel took his weapon from him, then it is evidence that his money, power and benefit have gone, and perhaps he left his wife . If the king sees a boy, he indicates the future, and if he sees him as a young man, he indicates the present, and if an old man sees him, he indicates the past . And whoever sees that he has become a king, he will become a priest, or a fortune teller, or a gimmick, and if he is sick indicates his death . And whoever sees the angels asking for forgiveness for him, for peace in his religion and condition, and his wealth will increase . And if the angels go down in the cemeteries, the righteous are buried there . If he sees angels in the market, it is evidence of underestimation . Whoever saw that he was fighting a king would be humiliated and humiliated after the glory . And whoever sees that he has become in the image of a king, if he was in intensity he would gain relief, and if he was in manumission slavery, and if he was honorable, he would gain an increase and a presidency . And whoever saw the angels greeting him, God gave him insight in his life, and sealed him well . And if an unbeliever sees that the angels pray for him and ask forgiveness for him, he becomes Muslim . Perhaps the vision of the angels indicates the children and those with conditions . And the angels of torment if they enter the dead and are not afraid of them indicates security, especially if he is traveling, then he is safe from the bandits . And their vision indicates the king’s messenger, his deputy, or the ruler, and if he had a debt, his liability was discharged, and if he was sick he was cured . Perhaps their vision indicated the translators who are familiar with the languages ​​of the people, for they ask each one in his own language .