Fence If you dream that you are climbing the top of a fence, this indicates that success will crown your efforts . If you fall off a fence, this symbolizes that you will undertake a project that you are unable to accomplish, and you will see your efforts come to nothing . If you sit on a fence with others and fall under you, this indicates an accident that will seriously harm a person . If you dream that you are climbing within the boundaries of a fence, this symbolizes that you will follow methods that are not all legal in order to reach your desires . If you step over the fence and walk to the other side, this indicates that, through a project or ability, you will overcome the most difficult obstacles that exist between you and success . If you see cattle jumping over a fence inside your land, you will receive aid from sources that you do not long for, but if that is outside your land, the dream may be followed by a loss in trade and other things . If you dream of erecting a fence, then this means that you are economically laying the foundation for future wealth . As for a girl, this dream means success in love affairs . It means the opposite if you dream that the fence has fallen or that it has fallen from it . If you dreamed of a fence, this means that you will change your plans to make strangers happy, and thus you will harm your own interests .