Is there a place in the brain that makes the dream curse?

Is there a place in the brain that makes the dream curse? As for the vision that is from God, it has nothing to do with the body and matter, as I said, rather it is related to the soul, as it is a divine revelation that God guides with his will and will as he, glory be to Himself, as well as the dream. He is from Satan, as we have discussed, a fact, not a metaphor . This viewpoint is legitimate for the meditator, but there is another point of view that – after conducting many laboratory experiments – in which the brain was examined in some animals, such as cats, the presence of a group of neurons somewhere in the brain that controls the animal’s movement, or its rigidity during sleep, And because experiences reinforce each other, and because some animals are seen sleeping making some movements or crying, which made these scholars judge the possibility of dreaming in these animals, and this may be acceptable. I mean the possibility of her dreaming, and the possibility of it being emanating from some nerve cells, but then it is of the type of compote, as we decided when talking about : animal dreams, as for the vision and the dream, their place is what we decided, and his starting point is legitimate for the fair meditator, and I hope that I clarified this information . And God knows best .