Pain is in a dream a remorse from guilt . Whoever sees a molar from his molars or a tooth ache, then he hears an ugly one from his relative . The soreness of the neck indicates that the owner abused sexual intercourse until it resulted from his complaints, and the neck pain may indicate that he betrayed a trust but did not perform it, and a punishment was inflicted on him . And the pain of the shoulder indicates a misfortune in his gain and hard work . Abdominal pain indicates that he spent his money in sin while he regrets, and it was said : stomach pain indicates the health of relatives and household members, and the pain of the navel indicates that it comes to treat his wife . The pain of the heart is evidence of his bad bed in matters of religion . Liver ache is evidence of abuse of the boy . The pain of the spleen is evidence of great corruption of money that was in it and that of his family and children . And if his pain became so severe that he feared death, that indicates the departure of the religion . Lung pain is an indication of the approaching term, and back pain indicates the death of the brother, and if he sees in his back a bend of pain, then it indicates lack and aging . And thigh pain indicates that he is offensive to his clan . A man’s pain indicates walking without obeying God Almighty, and it was said : A man’s pain indicates an abundance of money .